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Pardis and Frank Stitt

Every year, the TumTum Tree Foundation collaborates with an honorary chair, selected for their alignment with our mission and their dedication to the community. This year, we are delighted to welcome Pardis and Frank Stitt of the Stitt Restaurant Group as our 2024 Honorary Chairs. Known for their philanthropy and influence in the restaurant and wine industry, the Stitts exemplify the commitment and hospitality that drive our efforts forward.

Honorary Chairs

2024 vintner Application

Thank you for your interest in joining us as a vintner this fall. The 2024 application is now closed.

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"I believe in the TumTum Tree Foundation because Birmingham genuinely cares for its community, something I’ve experienced firsthand. From day one, I was committed. We have been blessed with an ability to help give back; I’m following what my father always taught me."

Fern Frias

Frias Family Vineyard

Living with purpose

The TumTum Tree Foundation has donated nearly $17.8 million dollars towards its mission.